WordPress Plugin: Visual.SpellCheck

Current Version: 0.95

I don't use the WYSIWYG Editor that comes with WordPress 2.0, and as a result have been getting extremely frustrated with the lack of a spell-checker. So I decided to try and get one working, preferably using AJAX to make it as fast and user-friendly as possible.

I am now proud to present Visual.SpellCheck – an AJAX-based Spell Checker for WordPress. It includes the ability to:

  • Highlight incorrectly spelled words
  • List suggested words from the aspell dictionary
  • List suggested words from your custom dictionary
  • Allow new words to be added to your Custom Dictionary

The Spell Checker works in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.


Here is a demo of Visual.SpellCheck. It should work fine in Mozilla browsers (including Firefox) and Internet Explorer. It will also function in Opera, although there are some small issues. Follow the instructions in the textarea itself, and feel free to edit it's contents and then test.


Follow these basic steps:

  • Download this file: Visual.SpellCheck.zip (37Kb)
  • Unzip the file on your computer.
  • Upload the complete folder "Visual.SpellCheck" to your WordPress plugins directory (found in "/wp-content/plugins")
  • Login to WordPress and go to the Plugins module
  • Find the line that says "Visual.SpellCheck" and click "Activate"
  • Change the permissions on the file Visual.Syntax/personal_dictionary/dict.txt" to "757" so that the server can write to the file

Note: Pspell must be installed on the server for this to work. Also this plugin is not compatible with the WYSIWYG HTML Editor that comes with WordPress (TinyMCE comes with its own spellchecker anyway). You will have to disable the WYSIWYG and be using the old-style editor (textarea).


This project is based on code from Broken-Notebook. Thanks to Garrison who has modified his original code to allow the plugin to integrate with WordPress and minimise issues with future compatibility.

Known Minor Bugs

This is the only bug I am aware of – and it is pretty minor:

  1. In Opera the popup menu that shows the suggested words always sits top-left of the textarea

If you are able to help with this that would be great. :)


2006-02-04 - Firefox QuickTags conflict fixed. Now version 0.95
2006-02-04 - Public release of version 0.90

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