Sage: The Firefox Atom & RSS Feed Reader

Sage Screenshot

If you are like me you are still figuring out the best way to manage your favorite RSS feeds. Today I discovered Sage, a Firefox extension that lets you read your RSS and Atom feeds inside your browser – which makes sense to me. It is very simple to use and is not cluttered with features I don't need. Here are some of the features I like about it:

  • Press "Alt-S" to toggle Sage on/off in the Sidebar.
  • Press the magnifying glass icon to auto-discover feeds on the current page.
  • Manage your list of feeds exactly like managing your bookmarks – you can sort them any way you like, rename them and place a seperator between them.
  • This is probably my favorite feature – Sage very quickly renders a column formatted list of the posts to read. See the image posted above for an example. The look and feel of this layout can be customised via CSS – in fact there are additional styles already created for you to download.

Catching up on the latest via RSS is now a logical extension of my browsing experience thanks to Sage

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