Issue One of Visual jQuery Magazine Released

Visual jQuery Mag - Issue OneI have posted a number of times about jQuery – a JavaScript (JS) framework that will revolutionise the way you write JS. The community uptake of this framework has been quite impressive. Now there is even a monthly magazine available, courtesy of Yehuda Katz. The first release of the magazine includes the following topics:

  • an editor's note about the magazine
  • a profile of jQuery's founder, John Resig
  • an introduction to jQuery's basic principles
  • an argument for jQuery's philosophy
  • an interview with the creator of the jqMinMax plugin, Dave Cardwell
  • a roundup of three plugins that are useful for creating rich web applications

Why is this framework worthy of so much attention? You need to be a JavaScript coder to really appreciate it's beauty. Basically jQuery allows web developers to write JS the way we think, the way we see the world within the context of the DOM. Not only is it logical and simple to work with, it will drastically reduce the amount of JS you write. That means smaller files, your code is easier to read and understand, and you spend less time coding. It enables you to easily work with AJAX, animations, forms, CSS, and the list goes on – all for including a file only 16k in size.

On top of that, the jQuery community is rapidly adding new plugins and widgets that work with jQuery. The mailing list is also extremely responsive and helpful.

Once upon a time the developer world went crazy about Prototype and Scriptaculous. For me jQuery and Interface leave such alternatives in the dust. Why? Apart from the fact that jQuery+Interface = 66k (16+50) and Prototype+Scriptaculous = 188k (50+128)? jQuery and Interface are just more intuitive to work with and offer the same core features.

Here are some links to get you excited:

Anyway – it is time for me to stop raving. If I keep posting only about jQuery this blog is going to get fairly monotonous! I will now leave you to form your own impressions…

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