A little love and attention

Well it is embarrassing how long it has been since this blog got some love and attention. This morning I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, a project I have been delaying for far too long.

One major reason I needed the upgrade is the amount of spam comments I receive. As a result of doing the update I managed to use the improved WordPress Akismet plugin to filter out over 2000 spam comments, and thus reveal the true comments from readers of my blog posts. I apologise to those who have been leaving valid comments for me over the last few months – I only just read them this morning.

As part of the overhaul I have also implemented a custom theme for mobile devices. This blog is now optimised for viewing by the following:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • Google Android
  • Blackberry Storm
  • Palm Pre

For those of you who are still so enthusiastic about my WordPress Plugins – yes I will look to take them to the next level as soon as I can. Now that I am on a much newer version of WordPress I have even more incentive to enhance them :-)

I also have a series of blog posts planned – look for them over the coming weeks…

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