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Ext.air – Blurring the line between Adobe AIR and Ext JS

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

By now you should be very aware of Adobe AIR which allows Web Developers to use their existing skill-set to develop desktop applications for Windows, OS X and Linux. This means that anybody who knows HTML, JavaScript and CSS can easily start developing desktop applications. And if you add Ext JS to the equation then you get an impressive JavaScript library and whole set of interface widgets that work tightly with Adobe AIR out of the box. Ext JS and Adobe AIR are made for other, and it is good news to hear that Adobe and Ext are officially working together to take things to the next level.

As a result of collaberation between Ext JS and Adobe, several impressive enhancements to the Ext.air package were just released. These enhancements allow even better control of AIR and the desktop via easy to use JavaScript calls.

For example to play a music file:

var mp = new Ext.air.MusicPlayer();

Or to tell your application to launch on system startup:


Additional enhancements allow you to easily control desktop windowing, video, system notifications and alerts and even the clipboard.

You can learn more about Ext JS here.
You can learn more about Adobe AIR here.