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Zend Studio 5.5 with Zend Framework Support

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Zend FrameworkI have been waiting for an update to Zend Studio for a few months – particularly hoping for support of SubVersion 1.4. Zend delivers this and more in the beta release of Studio 5.5. One of the most exciting enhancements for me is the integration of support for the Zend Framework.

Here is a complete list of the feature enhancements in version 5.5:

Zend Framework Integration:

  • Enable code completion for Zend Framework
  • View Zend Framework classes and functions in the PHP Inspector View
  • View source and debug into Zend Framework code

Source Control:

  • Explorer: highlights file labels according to their status in source control (added, merged with conflicts, modified, not versioned and up to date)
  • Source Control file status highlighting is customizable (from the Preferences dialog)
  • Can easily switch between CVS and Subversion support
  • Support for Subversion 1.4

PHP 5.2:

  • New PHP 5.2 Support


  • Installation support for Mactel (Install Anywhere 8 )
  • Support for antialiasing (via Preference settings)


  • Supports opening URLs from the Editor using right click

Web Services Support (SOAP):

  • Support for URLs in SoapClient Constructors


  • Embedded Java code completion of packages and classes in PHP code
  • Configure the Workspace's default JRE / JDK
  • Configure project specific preferences
  • Nested Java code completion

Zend Platform 3.0 Integration:

  • View Zend Platform Events in a dedicated Events List window
  • Customize, sort and filter Event List entities
  • Limit number of visible rows and initiate auto refresh
  • View Events from user-selected servers
  • Direct access to Platform's Configuration dialog from the toolbar / menu
  • Configure Zend Platform's GUI URL and authentication information